Cassandra Society

Late August is the silly season, and when it comes to silliness, Prince Buttercup and his government have the market cornered. The evidence is becoming pretty compelling, what with multi-billion dollar pipeline flip-flops, disintegrating trade relationships and so.

Prince Buttercup was a prince, and desperately wanted his whole kingdom to be a happy land. For instance, staying on the Grim-Gothic Hill and answering questions and making decisions didn't make Prince Buttercup particularly happy himself, so he spent as much time as he could travelling about the kingdom.

One of the most important characteristics of a civilization is the willingness to defend itself. Oh boy, are we in trouble . . . or maybe not.

Adding insult to injury - and Faisal Hussain's shooting spree on the Danforth in Toronto was certainly an injury. The insult comes from the attempt to deceive us by a Muslim Brotherhood activist, and the utter credulity of the usual suspects from our media and political spheres.

Canadians have a tradition of accepting refugees. After all, what were the United Empire Loyalists but political refugees from the American Revolution? So were a lot of the Six Nations and other native peoples who migrated north in the following decades to get away from the United States. We were the terminus for the Underground Railroad and became...

Next Monday we mark the 151st anniversary of Confederation; and our straight-laced quiet little country has never been so . . . Well, one might think Sir John Eh, and the rest of the gang might be tempted to rise from their troubled graves and sign Canada back over to Britain. However, they would probably no longer recognize Britain either....

If it isn't one thing, it's another. The self-appointed Iranian Canadian Congress got its way onto Parliament Hill this week and no MP or staffer who attended their briefing seems to have asked that most basic of questions: "Where does your money come from?" We can make an educated guess . . . keep it Rial baby!

This year's Ramadan season has concluded, so we can all settle down to the relaxation of a medium threat environment. For all those Muslims not contemplating global domination and the humiliation of the dhimmi, we genuinely hope Eid al-Fitr was indeed a joyous day spent with family and friends.