Now is the Summer of our Discontent


Late August is the silly season, and when it comes to silliness, Prince Buttercup and his government have the market cornered. The evidence is becoming pretty compelling, what with multi-billion dollar pipeline flip-flops, disintegrating trade relationships and so.

In his first press conference after being sworn into office, Prime Minister Trudeau tried to tie his government to a new era of women's rights, arguing (as usual with less than compelling facts) that a wonderful new era of equity was on us. However, we are reminded this week that some 3,000 Yazidi women are still being held as sex slaves by ISIS.

One would think that a champion of women's rights would have something to say about this - a real champion would be giving JTF-2 and CSOR marching orders and an open-ended hunting permit. The modern world doesn't often permit that level of decency anymore, but there is still real action we could take. Trudeau, however, has remained mute on the subject.

At least one of the 60 ISIS terrorists known to be in Canada had played an active role in selling women as sex-slaves for Jihadists in Syria and Iraq. Our Prime Minister insists these returnees are a minimum danger to the public and are indeed an asset to the country.

We note that the Jihadist who was startled to encounter one of his former sex-slaves on a transit bus in London Ontario did not beg her forgiveness and repent of his former ways. Rather, he seems to have disappeared somewhere, but this obviously means nothing important and we have no proof whatsoever that he isn't recruiting for the next ISIS infestation, putting together a bomb lab, or doing anything like that.

Yes, terrorism is not a concern for Canada, which is why so many of our politicians still refuse to think of the recent incident on the Danforth as such. We await their reactions for the inevitable next attack, which should be equally strongly worded and vaguely aimed, while avoiding the "J" word, the "I" word, or the "M" word, especially in association with the "T" word.

Strangely enough, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers apparently has no problems with another "J" word, but their example of good old fashioned Brownshirt-style Jew-hatred is camouflaged by the "Z" word. It is okay to openly be discriminatory once more towards the world's Jews... provided that you call them "Zionists".

B'nai Brith registered its dislike of the CUPW getting cozy with the Jew-Hating... ahem, 'anti-Zionists' of some entity called the Palestinian Postal Service Union of Postal Workers. PPSUPW has no problems getting cozy with Hamas and others who want to destroy the state of Israel... ahem, the 'Apartheid Zionist Entity'. It being late summer, and rather quiet, CUPW decided to mount a demonstration outside B'nai Brith.

Apparently, there is a postal service on the West Bank - a real surprise if one has ever visited Ramallah. But like many Palestinian entities they are right up to speed with participating in all international forums they can reach... and sometimes apparently even deliver mail. Who knew?

If the truth be told, the 75 demonstrators weren't really representative of CUPW... most of them were from the Agitprop Rent-a-Mob out of the old Trotskyite Socialist International community, and protesting something or other is what they do. One shouldn't take it personally. However, the usual couple of dozen Trots were joined by some 'authentic' Palestinians (assuming that's who was under the Burkas) and had a good outing demonstrating how much they hate Jews.... ah, dislike the Apartheid Zionist Entity.

The demonstrators were outnumbered some three to one by members of Toronto's Jewish community who don't' like being threatened for some reason. Some of their family trees were pruned quite harshly 75 years ago and many have surviving kinfolk still living (despite the best efforts of Hamas) in the so-called Apartheid Zionist Entity. There is also good reason to admire B'nai Brith for its proud record of community service... quite unlike the Trots masquerading as CUPW members, to say nothing of PPSUW.

Anyway, the Police kept both sides separate and an excellent example of modern diversity in action was provided for all. Prince Buttercup should be pleased.