Liberal Party Funding Terrorism


Monies Given To Terrorists

The Liberal Government under Justin Trudeau has been actively funding terrorism. Here is a financial summary of Canadian taxpayers monies that have been given to terrorist MPs, agencies, committees, organizations and individuals since they took power:

United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees

Nov. 16, 2016  Details >



National Council of Canadian Muslims and Islamic Relief

July 4, 2018  Details >


George Soros Groups Running Canadian Immigration Ministry

2017 ?  Details >

$50,000,000 ?

Welfare and Medical Benefits To Illegal Immigrants

2017 - present  Details >

$20,000,000 ?

Welfare Fraud

Duis mollis est non commodo luctus

$ ?

Monies Taken From Canadians

As a related issue, we are starting to hear reports from individuals that the government is cutting back traditional funding programs to Canadian citizens. It only makes sense that if the government is funding terrorists that, in addition to increasing the national debt, they would plan to covertly steal from Canadian citizens. We are all aware of their refusal to support our veterans.

This old article raised a red flag on this strategy:

Canada's National Debt

The following charts demonstrate how the Liberal Party's terrorist funding agendas are hurting the Canadian economy.