Toronto Strong, Ottawa Lame


By John Thompson

Another week and the great Jihad grinds on with good news, bad news and incomprehensible reactions.

Given the facts, we now know that Toronto has just become the home of the deadliest terror attack Canada has witnessed since the Air India Bombing of 1985. (Yes, the bombs exploded in Mid-Atlantic and in Narita Airport, but the 331 victims were killed by bombs placed on their aircraft in Toronto).

The April Yonge Street spree which killed 10 people was by a van driver who really does appear a self-absorbed Nihilist bent on punishing the world because he was involuntarily celibate. In his porn-addled brain, all the beautiful people were having sex and he wasn't invited. The question of his sanity is moot but will no doubt be professionally decided soon enough.

By contrast, the Danforth shooter was defended by a Muslim Brotherhood activist, lives in a Salafist-dominated neighbourhood, attends a Salafist-dominated mosque, was fascinated by the Jihad, studied it, and seems to have been trained by it. Oh, and his brother also had a stash of 33 illegal firearms, oversized magazines, and a heap of 42 kilos of carfentanil - enough to kill tens of thousands of drug-users. Looks like terrorism, sounds like terrorism, feels like terrorism, smells like terrorism... by golly, what else could it be?

Oh, well. Our beloved prime minister turned up for the memorial, carefully said nothing of consequence, mastered a look of concerned compassion for the news cameras and returned to his ongoing vacation. Inspiring leadership, and we've seen him look more concerned with allegations (fraudulent at that) of Islamophobia.

Mayor John Tory still cannot say the Ge... ah, Jay... um, Ji-something word, or that turr.... terry.... T-something-ism thing. At least he can wear a suit well, even if he cannot provide inspiring leadership. Heck, maybe I'll vote for Faith Goldy in Toronto's coming civic elections. After all, at least she has got "more backbone than a Chocolate Éclair".

Meanwhile, thousands of Nigerian Christians have been massacred in the last couple of weeks... shall we send Bob Rae and will Ottawa clamour for a special refugee movement for the survivors? Hello? Moral call to arms! Time to act! Helloooo....

And of course, Hamas is hiding snipers behind children again, and wafting incendiary devices all over south Israel. We can take heart that some Marxist misanthrope from a Canadian postal worker's Union headquarters is joining the convoy to challenge the "inhuman and illegal blockade" of the Gaza strip. Israel's forbearance is going to have to give way soon, no other nation on Earth would tolerate the provocations they endure.

Ah well, perhaps Ottawa can remind Tel-Aviv that a Canadian citizen is committing an offence under our anti-terrorism laws by being in that convoy. Could they please send him back, lightly truncheoned, to Canada to face charges? We promise to return the handcuffs! So, would our Minister of Security stop futzing about with unnecessary and unwanted gun control measures, and get the warrant written up? Ralph? D'ye hear us?

At least the news isn't all that bad this week. President Trump, in his inestimable 'bull in the china shop' way has once again let bluster and noise camouflage some effective action. The world's stupidest arms control agreement (the one 'master-minded' by President Obama with Iran) has disintegrated. Iran is getting back under sanctions and is being watched as closely as they deserve.

Robert Spencer has come out with a new book on the history of the Jihad Movement... it promises to be devoid of political correctness and focused entirely on facts and accurate history. I can hardly wait.

Best of all, Tommy Robinson has been sprung from jail and is out on bail - the high-handed and tyrannical exercise in quasi-legalism that consigned him to jail last Spring has been undone by a real judge. Perhaps there is still hope for Great Britain. Mind you, Tommy seems like he would have been better treated in Gitmo. Shortly after being confined on trumped up changes, his move to a majority Muslim prison meant he couldn't trust that his food wasn't tampered with and he lost a lot of weight in three months. Nary a peep out of Amnesty International; see if I ever donate to them again!

Okay, before Tommy goes "once more into the breach", here's an old prescription for you: "Beef, beer and liberty, England and Saint George!"