Red-Green Alliance

Sharia Crime Stoppers gives a news briefing and analysis on the advance of the red-green axis in Canada, the US and the EU presented by Christine Douglass-Williams entitled, "Is the WEST LOSING? North America, Europe, and Trudeau!,"

So far I have show you some of who Antifa is, what they are about, how they train, how they organize and how they are funded. In this article, I will introduce you to the LEADERSHIP of Antifa. This article will be in FOUR parts because of the vastness of the of the leadership, as well as the...

One of Twitter's most prominent antifa doxing activists has been accused of blackmail, racism and engaging in predatory behaviour toward underage girls, according to a Medium post made by an alleged former housemate. Additionally, the allegations have brought renewed scrutiny to the "cyber warrior's" rise to antifa stardom.

CBC's The Fifth Estate aired a broadcast on antifa Sunday night, and at times the 30-minute episode read more as an advertisement for the extremist group than an investigative report.