It’s Time to Marshal Beside the Jews


The news from Europe, and now from Argentina where last week it's Chief Rabbi was violently assaulted in his own home, is getting worse and it won't be long now for us: Casual attacks - knifings, beatings, and assaults are on the increase in much of the World.

These attacks are coming from our new countrymen from Muslim climes, the excited radical left, and even a few old-fashioned White Supremacist Neo-Nazi types. You can guess who is getting most of the credit in the press.

There are three points you must all understand.

One. Casual thuggery is how things start. We stop reacting to reports, the usual brutality becomes the new 'normal' and slowly escalates. The rest of us don't know what to do, do nothing, and then impotently ask ourselves 'Well, what can we do?'. So, like Germans in the days of the Weimar Republic, we get out of the way of the crazy people and keep our heads down.

Two. Ideologues, like those among our new countrymen from Muslim climes, and the excited radical left, well understand the principles of deception, 'divide and conquer'. They misdirect, excuse themselves, shun substantive discussion, re-label... etc. The old-fashioned White Supremacist Neo-Nazi types don't think... or at least never show much sign of it. Thus, we remain inert, passive and divided.

Three. We don't read much, not in the 1920s and much less so now. If you had read "Mein Kampf" and Lenin's books on revolutionary theory, you would have clearly understood what was coming. Today the blizzard of fuzzy information prevents most of us from seeing clearly... but understand this above all else.

We're next.

What is happening to the Jews among us today is coming just as resolutely and surely for all of us Christian, or Blue-Collar Middle Class, or conservative, or mostly European-derived types next. We've been told as much.

There is an old military principle called 'defence in depth'. A struggle, even an ideological one against snowflakes and Salafists, requires time, space and resources. The more time and space you can buy to engage the foe, the longer it takes for them to get to what is precious to you.

So, understand this, the defence of your identity, your heritage, your property and - given this is an ideological fight that is being imposed on us - your very life is beginning with the assault on the Jews. So, who should we be standing beside?

Go on, guess...

All that BDS tripe, all that "Anti-Zionism", all the rest of that drivel is ultimately going to end up focused on you.

We're not the ones driving this conflict and the set of foes we are facing are very selective about when and where they resort to violence (although they are very quick to run crying and blubbing about even the appearance of opposition). They also have the initiative and can decide when and where they strike.

Even so, I'm not going to stand for this and nor should you. I don't know what we can do together, but whatever it is... I'm in for what I can do. If you are smart, you'll do the same. Together, we should start planning how to defeat this.