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This is a burgeoning list of links that provide further information about Islam. Obviously, we cannot endorse everything that may be posted. ACT! For Canada is not a political site, nor do we promote any particular religion. This may not be the case with many of the sites below, but they should have good information that you may not be able to find on our site.


American Centre For Democracy:

American Renaissance:

American Thinker:

Anne Marie Waters:

Bare Naked Islam:

Bosch Fawstin:

Blazing Cat Fur:

Breitbart London:


Canada Press:

Canadian Citizens Corp:

Centre for Security Policy:

Christianity and Islam:

Citizen Warrior:

Clarion Project:

Council of European Canadians:

Counter Jihad Report:

Creeping Sharia:

Cultural Party of Canada:

Diana West:

Elsa’s Blog:

Erick Stakelbeck:

Five Feet of Fury:

FrontPage Mag:

Gates of Vienna:

Gatestone Institute:

Gateway Pundit:

Gavin Boby:

Geller Report:

Geert Wilders Weblog:

Hearts of

Investigative Project:

Jamie Glazov:

Jihad Watch:

Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms:

Kevin J. Johnston:

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

Linda Goudsmit:


Middle East Forum:


Muslim Crime Report Canada:

Paul Weston:

Phyllis Chesler:

PJ Media:

Political Islam:


Raheel Raza:

RAIR Foundation:

Refugee Resettlement Watch:

Spencer Fernando:

Spiked Online:

Steyn On Line:

Sultan Knish:

The Religion of Peace:

Tom Trento:

Tommy Robinson:

Torches and Pitchforks:

True North Initiative:

Truth Revolt:

UN Watch:

Understanding the Threat:

Vlad Tepes: