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In a textbook example of bribing Ontario voters with their own money, Premier Kathleen Wynne claimed more government spending will make our lives better in her throne speech on Monday.

Trillium Party of Ontario, Jack MacLaren MPP, made history today. He is the first MPP to ever be ejected from the Legislature in the midst of rebutting his own Private Member's Bill. Jack proves the Government broke the law. He was abruptly asked, mid sentence, to withdraw his comments, Jack replied "You Can't Withdraw the Truth". Way to Go Jack!...

Adam Shedletzky, a senior policy advisor to Kathleen Wynne, co-founded the controversial political advocacy group, Leadnow back in 2011 along with Jamie Biggar. LeadNow is a political advocacy group that works to influence elections here in Canada and help candidates who promote "progressive" causes.