2019 Ramadanabombathon Begins!


Well, ladies and gentlemen, Ramadan begins today and runs until June 4th. For Muslims, this is supposed too be a time to hone one's spiritual discipline by refraining from drinking, eating, smoking, sex and other such pleasures during daylight hours.

Humans being what they are, all that good fun stuff waits until just after sundown, with a lesser splurge just before sunrise. This should be no surprise considering how many Christians never get around to actually going to church at Christmas and Easter; Vesak and Diwali have similar results for Buddhists and Hindus.

Alas, some dutiful Muslims have other ways of marking Ramadan... and the body count for the "Religion of Peace" is becoming staggering. So much so that the annual Ramadanabombathon has become a ritual of its own.

In the Holy Month of Ramadan in 2013, 310 terror attacks in the name of Islam consumed 1,651 lives (including 28 suicide bombers) and wounded 3,048 people. The sum total of terror attacks committed in the names of all other religions during that time was 0... and there was one Islamophobe who attempted to leave a bomb outside a British mosque which didn't go off.

The global score for 2014 was 2,429 deaths in the name of Islam, versus 2 deaths that were a result of "Islamophobia". The Holy Month of Ramadan in 2015 yielded 2,988 deaths (including 63 eager Shaheed, no doubt enjoying their promised virgins as soon as they can finish reassembling themselves) is 0 deaths resulting from all other religions and incidents of Islamophobia.

Combining 2016, 2017, and 2018 yields unsurprising results... Islam's annual month of fasting led to 2,670 deaths resulting from Islamic terrorism, versus 1 attack inspired by any other religion, and two deaths from rampant Islamophobia.

Altogether, since 2011 the months of Ramadan have resulted in 11,734 deaths inspired by Islam, with one attack inspired by another religion and eight deaths that can be attributed to "Islamophobia" ... which certainly does put things in perspective.

So far, Ramadan is being marked by the Hamas rocket barrage on Israel, which is leading to what could be a punitive reaction by the IDF. Hamas didn't need Ramadan to be inspired (although the timing cannot be coincidental). Boko Haram seems to have ushered in the month by butchering a wedding party of 25 people in Nigeria, and other actors in dozens of states are now undoubtedly getting ready to add to the score.

What makes this year different is the new salience of "White Supremacism". According to our own dear Canadian government, legions of bed-sheet wearing gunmen are lining up to stage massacres at every mosque in the country and we should all be terrified of this. It was interesting to notice that a self-described "Professor of Islamophobia" from an Ontario university included Jews, Muslims and Christians of every complexion as "White Supremacists".

It still seems a safe bet that maddened Islamophobics are unlikely to come close to rivalling the score amassed by sundry Islamic bombers and gunmen in this new Holy Month of Ramadan. Even so, let's be safe out there... and that goes especially true for my Muslim friends. They don't need to be reminded that they themselves tend to be at more risk from a Jihdadist bomb in this coming week than anybody else.