Terrorism and Front Groups


By John Thompson

Adding insult to injury - and Faisal Hussain's shooting spree on the Danforth in Toronto was certainly an injury. The insult comes from the attempt to deceive us by a Muslim Brotherhood activist, and the utter credulity of the usual suspects from our media and political spheres.

Hussain's rampage killed two people and injured 13. Some of the victims were described by police as having "life-altering injuries" -a polite way of describing somebody who may have had their spinal column severed or been shot through the head. A young woman of 20 and a ten-year old girl were killed.

The deed was foul enough, the insult was hot on its heels.

The next day there was an erudite and graceful expression of remorse from Hussain's family - except that it wasn't. The real author of the communique that expressed condolences and ascribed the gunman's actions to mental illness was carefully crafted by Mohammed Hashim. The Toronto Sun pegged him as a key player in the National Council of Muslim Canadians.

This so-called "National Council" doesn't represent Ismailis, Sufis, or many other Muslims and was known as the Canadian extension of the Council of American Islamic Relations. CAIR has long been identified as another front for the Muslim Brotherhood. This is a Salafist organization banned in many Middle Eastern Countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The MB is a front organization that was instrumental in the creation of several terrorist groups, including Hamas and al Qaeda. Not given (much) to pulling triggers or chucking bombs themselves, they have a 90 year history of subversion, infiltration and propaganda and they play to their strengths.

There are two points with the false communique.

Terrorists have long had a habit of blaming their victims - 'you made me attack you'. Front groups amplify the message when they can and try to invert reality, the victims are guilty, the attacker is innocent. This is the essence of Post-Modernist logic, and the Muslim Brotherhood plays to it.

Hence, Faisal Hussain was a troubled young man with a history of mental illness. The implication is that this act was not a political act, Hussain is a victim too; and somehow or other we all indirectly deserved the carnage on Danforth for failing to treat him properly.

The second point to the communique is that this attack has nothing to do with Islam, nope. Nothing at all.

The Thorncliffe Park area where Hussain's family lives is promising to turn into Canada's first European-style 'No Go' area. In the last 15 years it has turned into an Islamic Ghetto of sorts and is slowly spreading.

At the Islamic Society of Toronto, Masjid Dar Us Salaam Mosque - a Salafist hot-bed - regular prayers include the usual calls for our humiliation and downfall. This being the closest Mosque to Hussain, one has to wonder how much of an influence this had on his thinking.

The 'not guilty by way of mental illness' approach has been tried before. The aspiring bomber Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy is in New York City awaiting his trial. His Mum back in Oakville insists he really should be back in Canada to be treated for being mentally ill instead. This argument has been trialed as far back as 2009 when Major Nidal Hasan shot 13 US soldiers in Fort Hood.

Of course, it transpired that the Good major had also been in touch with Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, who encouraged him over the internet to deal with his issues by causing a massacre. Was somebody recommending the same course of 'therapy' to Hussain?

There are other questions that need urgent answers - not just to learn the truth, but also to splash a bucket of cold water on prevaricating politicians from Ralph Goodale down to Toronto City Council. They still adamantly refuse to recognize that multiculturalism doesn't imply universal harmony based on universal values. Most of us do get along, but some never will.

Instead these spavined politicians have eagerly seized on Hussain's weapon of choice with desperate but glad cries: This is a gun control issue (proving their woeful ignorance in yet another sphere). Let us focus on this and ignore the obvious!

This is perhaps the greatest tragedy. By ignoring the realities behind Nidal Hasan, Abdulrahman El Bahnasaway, Faisal Hussain - and the Mohammed Hashim -- these craven politicians only invite more of the same. Until they wake up, the tragedy of the Danforth shooting is meaningless... except perhaps that they will have to be called to account for it some day.