Freedom Defense

Recent events illustrate how Facebook -- which has previously championed blasphemy laws -- continues its "sharia censorship" regarding content it apparently deems contrary to its "Community Standards".

Of hatred of Islam there is aplenty, especially when individuals grasp the totalitarian nature of Islam and Sharia law; naturally they would hate Islam as much as they would Nazism and Communism. They do not want to live under it, nor do they want it next door in a submissive country like Canada. "Peace and harmony" are not...

The real message the ECHR sent, as it succumbed to fears of "disturbing the religious peace," is that if threats work, keep threatening! What sort of protection of human rights is that? The ECHR appears to be advocating a permanent pussyfooting to avoid the truth that can only lead to total self-censorship and the total cessation of freedom of...

Big tech companies are using their power and influence to censor the conservative voice. ACT for America has experienced this first hand over the last few weeks.

This barrage of bans and closures is being coined the 'Great Purge' across social media.

Where do we draw the line between free speech and bigotry? Where does telling the truth end and bigotry begin? Have the current standards of political correctness set by the Left ruled out any honest conversation about the problems we face with radical Islam? And finally, how can we solve these problems if we can't talk about them?