Cassandra Society

Today we mark the 152nd anniversary of Confederation; and our straight-laced quiet little country has never been so . . . Well, one might think Sir John Eh, and the rest of the gang might be tempted to rise from their troubled graves and sign Canada back over to Britain. However, they would probably no longer recognize Britain either.

If it isn't one thing, it's another. The self-appointed Iranian Canadian Congress got its way onto Parliament Hill this week and no MP or staffer who attended their briefing seems to have asked that most basic of questions: "Where does your money come from?" We can make an educated guess . . . keep it Rial baby!

This year's Ramadan season has concluded, so we can all settle down to the relaxation of a medium threat environment. For all those Muslims not contemplating global domination and the humiliation of the dhimmi, we genuinely hope Eid al-Fitr was indeed a joyous day spent with family and friends.

This year's Ramadan has reached Day 24 with a mere 127 attacks in the name of Islam, but the lethality of these attacks has gone up. One could hope that this was a quiet season, but so far there are 532 deaths around the world. By contrast, in the last 24 days the rest of the world has seen one...

Ramadan continues and has reached Day 17 with a modest total of 89 attacks in the name of Islam (yielding 343 deaths so far), against 1 religiously-inspired attack seemingly carried about by a Hindu who objected to a Muslim celebrating Ramadan by killing sacred cows. Likewise, the score that be laid against "Islamophobics" remains at 0.00.

Ah, the joys of Ramadan continue . . . this time with a Canadian flavor. It is the ninth day and so far, perhaps owing to the increasing rejection of Islamist doctrines in the Muslim World, things have been relatively quiet. There have only been 42 attacks with 155 deaths world-wide, and one can note only 1 death related to...

It's that time of year again... Ramadan has begun once more. Hundreds of millions of Muslims will peacefully keep the holiday and thousands won't.

Fireworks are flying in the Middle East again... which is not unusual. This is likewise true in Washington, which is again not unusual. However, it does not take the perception of Casandra to predict what some people are going to say about it.

This last week has been interesting - more and more Iranians are taking to the streets and the Mullahs are busy trying to pretend all is well. Ordinary Iranians have lost their patience with a stale, tired ideology. If the Mulllahs and their minions are the perfection of Islam, then a lot of Iranians are thinkng it is time to...

This week saw real victims being generated in Toronto, when 10 people were killed and 15 injured by a van deliberately running down pedestrians. The easy assumption was that this was another Jihadist attack, but it looks like it was no such thing.