Protest and a Croissant


By John Thompson

This year's Ramadan has reached Day 24 with a mere 127 attacks in the name of Islam, but the lethality of these attacks has gone up. One could hope that this was a quiet season, but so far there are 532 deaths around the world. By contrast, in the last 24 days the rest of the world has seen one Hindu killing a Muslim for killing sacred cows. Oh, and the global deaths that can be attributed to frenzied, maniacal hate-infused "Islamophobia" continues to hover at the 0.00 mark... still.

Of course, there can be no doubt whatsoever that Islamophobia haunts Canada. How else could it be possible that Kathleen Wynne has led the Liberal Party of Ontario from 58 seats down to a mere seven? It's not possible, she so refreshingly embraced diversity. She has even worn a Hijab, visited a Mosque (and stayed humbly quiet in a corner when the Imam denounced homosexuality). She condemned "the rising tide of Islamophobia and racism" when attending the 'Reviving the Islamic Spirit' conference last December.

It must seem quite evident that Ontario's teeming hordes of militant Islamophobics have struck. Ontario's fragile economy, mushrooming debt levels and crushing taxes are the merest trifles and the price all open-minded, broadly tolerant Canadians are willing to pay for such enlightened leadership.

No doubt the same cruel base impulse was behind the electoral defeats of Liberal MPPs Yasir Naqvi and Shaafiq Qaadri too. Never mind that the Conservatives have brought one Kaleed Rashid into the 42nd Ontario Parliament, this must be the exception that proves the rule and an exercise in tokenism.

The clearest evidence of the overwhelming Canadian compulsion to Islamophobia must be the recent protests in several cities by sundry people concerned about the continuing imprisonment of Tommy Robinson, the British activist for freedom of speech - particularly when it inconveniences the comfort levels of sundry bureaucrats. The Toronto protest, called the day before and without any organization whatsoever, was indeed one of those spontaneous protests that most causes have to carefully organize.

Oh, to be sure, the three or four dozen people who gathered on a few hours notice were concerned about freedom of speech; and were alarmed that the country which is the "Mother of Parliaments" has seen fit to jail a man so swiftly. If the protestors were obsessed about the "rape Jihad" and sundry incitements to it in the Quran, they might have talked about the ongoing Calgary rape trial where a teenaged girl testified the day before about the accused: One Abas Ibrahim, Omar Kromah, and a minor.

Likewise, if the Tommy Robinson protestors were obsessed about terrorism, they might have mentioned the recent extradition order for an Edmonton man, one Abdullahi Ahmed Abdullah, who allegedly robbed a jewellery store to pay for a pair of his relatives to join the Daesh fun-fair in Syria. Seemingly, his two cousins had such a good time there that they got killed.... but this was an act of martyrdom, so it is all good. Apparently, the judge didn't think so.

One regrets to notice that one of two of the protestors in Toronto who were demonstrating for Free Speech and the release of Tommy Robinson committed a real faux pas right afterwards. It is said, alas, that they deliberately resorted to an Aroma Coffee Bar down the street, not withstanding the BDS fliers that call on all people of conscience to avoid the franchise's outlets. It seems that Aroma is... oh, the horror... an Israeli-based business.

It pains one to think that that fine dark roast coffee, the perfectly prepared croissant, and the little square of chocolate are used to brutally supress Palestinians who just want to set all of Israel's fields and orchards on fire and massacre its citizens. Of course, an Aroma customer is unwittingly humiliating Muslims merely by ordering a croissant - being unaware that its steaming buttery goodness is a Viennese mockery of the Turkish failure to conquer their city back in 1683.

Having coffee at Aroma, voting Conservative in Ontario, being worried about freedom of speech . . . Islamophobia is so blatant these days!