Ramadan Is Here


By John Thompson

It's that time of year again... Ramadan has begun once more. Hundreds of millions of Muslims will peacefully keep the holiday and thousands won't.

Ramadan can be deadly. According to the folks at www.thereligionofpeace.com, since 2011, Jihadist terrorist attacks during the annual Holy month have claimed 12,504 lives across the world. Attacks attributed to "Islamophobia" during the same time have amounted to 10 deaths.

Admittedly, most of the dead have been Muslims slain by other Muslims, but the Jihad has never seen fit to restrict itself. So, going to a concert, a church, or even shopping will carry an increased risk around the world for the next four weeks.

This year might be more exciting than usual. The Iranians are miffed that sanctions and trade restrictions are returning and might unleash some terrorism. Hamas also seems to have got off to a premature start, but only managed to get 50 of their identified members shot instead in their protests over embassies in Israel moving to Jerusalem.

This year has already begun with a modest six dead posted on the morning of May 17th (all in Southeast Asia). However, the Iranian inducement of $100,000 in cash for the first person to bomb the new US embassy in Jerusalem will help move things along. As has so often happened in the past, any pretence that the 'Iranian Justice Seekers Student Movement' is independent of the Iranian leadership is laughable.

Incidentally, the US Treasury Department just slapped a new series of sanctions on Iran after noticing recent massive transfers of money to Hezbollah and the Quds Force.

As for those shocking incidents of rampant, unrestrained Islamophobia that popped up last year, one was undertaken in India and we still don't know much about it. The other was a mentally troubled loner with a knife who stabbed a Muslim in a London mosque.

Of course, our mentally troubled loner with a knife who attempted to fatally stab personnel in a Canadian Armed Forces Recruiting Centre can no longer be chalked up as a terrorism statistic. Ayanle Hassan Ali's attempted knife spree in March 2016 was deemed this week to have been a "terrorist attack of one". Mr. Ali has been acquitted of terrorism charges and declared to be mentally ill.

Can we expect the same finding for Alexandre Bissonnette, who also mounted a "terrorist attack of one" when he fatally shot six men at a Quebec City Mosque? His reasons have yet to be satisfactorily explained to the public, but there seems plenty of scope for a similar finding of mental illness.

The Jihad was definitely part of the enabling architecture for Ayanle's attack - as his method and shouts of 'Allahu-Akbar' imply. Bissonnette's enabling architecture remains less well known. Given global Ramadan murder ratio of 12,504 to 10 vis-a-vis Jihadism versus "Islamophobia" surely the notion of a coherent ideology in Bissonette's rampage seems a little far-fetched.

Speaking of mysterious motivations, many Canadians are wondering at their Prime Minister's most recent departure from diplomatic norms. While we have been assured that "Canada is back" with expert Liberal hands guiding Canadian diplomacy with sure deftness, somebody forgot to tell the Prime Minister. His sophomoric response to the recent Hamas attempt to rampage out of Gaza called for a special Commission of Inquiry, even after Hamas admitted most of the dead were its own members.

If terrorism is linked to mental illness, there might be grounds to ask for an assessment of our Prime Minister. A complete willingness to ignore danger and threats might be construed as some elaborate form of self-destruction; and this week Canadians discovered that the PM informed his own Public Security minister that "ISIS members have a right of return" and should be allowed back into Canada, fresh from their treasonous sojourn abroad.

Many Canadians sometimes wonder about some sort of Right-Wing conspiracy looming up, given the rampant "Islamophobia" evidenced . . . ah, er, somewhere, to be sure. Well, anyway, this surely implies Nazism of some kind is appearing. Indeed so, and the use of Führerprinzip inherent in this government tells Canadians exactly where to look.