Ah, The Joys of Ramadan!


By John Thompson

Ah, the joys of Ramadan continue . . . this time with a Canadian flavor. It is the ninth day and so far, perhaps owing to the increasing rejection of Islamist doctrines in the Muslim World, things have been relatively quiet. There have only been 42 attacks with 155 deaths world-wide, and one can note only 1 death related to other religious violence and none that can be counted as "Islamophobia" -- whatever that is.

However, yesterday, a couple of young men carried an improvised explosive device into an Indian restaurant in Mississauga and vamoosed. A few seconds later, it exploded and sent 15 diners to hospital, 3 of them with critical injuries.

Of course, we will be enjoined to avoid making judgements and not to leap to conclusions. Only a raging "Islamophobic" would engage in such heedless speculations.

It is, of course, possible that the Animal Liberation Front was protesting the consumption of meat, 22 years after the last time they tried to bomb anyone here. Maybe the Litton-Bombers have come out of retirement having concluded - not unreasonably -- that a Vindaloo Curry is a biological weapon or some new variety of napalm (that's why Masala Curry is about as hot as this writer dares to go).

Perhaps the FLQ is stirring again after a 48-year hiatus and has deemed an Indian restaurant in Mississauga to be a bastion of Anglo oppression. It could even be a Doukhobor revival or even Fenians once more too. Who knows?

Of course, some people might remember an Islamic animus towards Hindus - over 1,200 years of war in India alone that killed tens of millions and has left more than a few lingering issues for the present day. More particularly some Canadians might remember Jamaat al Muslimeen on Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaat al-Fuqra's 1991 plot to torch an Indian movie theater and restaurant in the Greater Toronto Area back in 1991. Had they succeeded, some 4,500 people might have died.

ISIS/Daesh got quite a few volunteers out of Trinidad and the Americans assisted the government there last February in the capture of four "High Value Targets" just before the start of the Carnival season.

However, according to our Prime Minister, we live in more enlightened times and need not worry about angry young Muslims anymore. Once we start our deradicalization processes, why, they settle right down. No, it's those dastardly 'Right-Wing' machinations we have to worry about . . . as soon as any develop.

In the meantime, our master of international diplomacy seeks to censor Myanmar for its genocidal treatment of Rohingya Muslims . . . just after Amnesty International released a report indicating that the Rohingya had started the affray by being genocidal towards Hindus and Buddhists there. This matches last week's shot from the hip condemning Israel for the violence on the Gaza frontier, just after Hamas indicated that most of the dead were its own members. Why, one might think young Trudeau's haste and inaccuracy seem almost Trump-like and even less helpful than the President's tweets.

No doubt, we must enhance our acceptance of Rohingya and Gazan refugees so that we may enfold them into our land of enlightenment and peace . . . if only we can keep the Right Wing suppressed.

Perhaps the vast hidden right-wing conspiracy will erupt into violence over advertisements lauding the merits of wearing burkas on Mississauga buses. Moreover, those uppity Jews are fomenting trouble again -- just because they objected to one-sided treatment from the Toronto School Board this week. A banner celebrating Jewish Heritage Month was somehow offensive to one and all and needed to be hauled down with alacrity.  Apparently, the banner -- oh, the horror -- somehow conveyed an impression of the Israeli Flag. Some Dhimmi just don't know their place in the great scheme of things.

Trudeau's observation that "If we kill our enemies, they win" has a new trenchancy today. Boy, at least the unknown perpetrators of the bomb in an Indian Restaurant in Mississauga are lucky, they didn't kill anyone! One can guess that means they are still winning.