Who are the TOP leaders of Antifa - Part One


So far I have show you some of who Antifa is, what they are about, how they train, how they organize and how they are funded.  In this article, I will introduce you to the LEADERSHIP of Antifa. This article will be in FOUR parts because of the vastness of the of the leadership, as well as the various sub organizations that come into play here. You want names? You want faces? You're getting them here.

I know what you're thinking. Antifa / anarchists don't have leaders, don't believe in leadership structures, don't believe in governments, don't believe in a hierarchy. ALL OF THAT IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. Let me once again show you exactly what the anarchist principles are, the principles they stand by:

Anarchism is a set of revolutionary ideas that are, at root, very simple. Anarchists believe that they are all capable of looking after themselves. No leader can know what you need better than you do. No 
government can represent the interests of a community better than the community itself. Anarchists believe that everyone should have the option to take part in decisions that affect them, wherever they take place. anarchists believe that only this way can anarchists have a fair and just society in which everyone has the chance to fulfil themselves. Everything in anarchist ways of thinking follows from this basic principle.  

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