Face Mask Laws: Body Cameras Recommended


If you are a non-mask wearer like myself, you may have been harassed by retail staff and customers who are not aware of your constitutional rights. On one occasion, I was harassed relentlessly by a customer to the point that I thought about throwing a punch. Obviously, this would have been an illegal action and should never happen (actually it did happen to a 73 year old man in Haliburton, Ontario). So, yes Virginia, in some cases, the harassment/enforcement crosses a line and this is where you need to protect yourself legally by wearing a body camera.

Staff and customers have become aggressive enforcers as a result of the deceptive political, media and corporate reporting and posting of face mask laws. It is well known that they rarely mention exemptions to these laws and only then in fine print.

Mask exemption cards go a long way to educating retail staff and customers and ameliorating most situations. However, we also suggest wearing a body camera in the event confrontations should lead to legal actions. Here are some suggested body cameras available at Amazon.ca:

Pen Camera


Lanyard Camera


There are many more body camera options available at Amazon.ca