Mask Exemption Cards


The COVID-19 pandemic is over in Canada, yet governments across Canada have decided to make masks mandatory for the general public. These face mask laws are unconstitutional and are unenforceable from a civil liberties point of view. It is well known scientifically that the face masks don't prevent the spread of nano-microscopic Covid-19 viruses. So, it begs the question:  why are these irrational and repressive laws being implemented now?

In light of these events, we have provided the following Mask Exemption card templates which may be printed from your computer. These mask exemption cards can be used to inform government officials, police, retailers and citizens that you are not required to wear a face mask.

Forcing you to wear a face mask is a violation of your civil liberties and you have legal recourse against any individual or business that denies you access to their business or service or who demands that you provide proof of exemption.

These cards are for informational purposes only!  Yes, there is no such thing as an official mask exemption card (as if our power-hungry politicians would inform the public of their rights).

However, these cards do inform people of your rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA), Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), various provincial Human Rights Codes and various Municipal Bylaws.

So, for your convenience, we have attached Mask Exemption card templates in PDF format for the following regions:




Please visit the following web pages for all card options and further information:

Send Mask Exemption Templates to ACT! For Canada

If you (or someone else) have created Mask Exemption templates for areas of Canada not mentioned above, please send an email to and we will post it to this web page.


Wearing Body Cameras Recommended

If you are a non-mask wearer like me, you may have been severely harassed by retail staff and customers who are not aware of your rights. The above mask exemption cards go a long way to educating them and ameliorating the situation. I would also suggesting wearing a body camera just in case confrontations lead to legal actions. Here are some suggested body cameras available at

Pen Camera

Lanyard Camera

Harm Agreement Forms