Woke capitalism and its useful idiots


Let's leave to one side the Orwellian contortionism it requires to justify the exclusion of a customer by using the language of 'inclusivity'. The even more striking thing is the industrial levels of gall it takes to myopically pick over a customer's political views and then say his banishment from the bank is not a 'political decision'. Yes it was. The dossier makes clear that Farage is a good customer. He is 'professional, polite and respectful' and his financial standing meets the 'criteria for commercial retention' – that is, he's not short of a few bob. But still, he might have to go because… well, because of the Net Zero stuff, the BLM criticism, the Trump love-ins, the media's feeling that he is 'xenophobic'. Not a political decision? Stop gaslighting us.

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