Will Islam be the downfall of Western civilization?


I see America and even Canada, in thirty years or so, becoming a war zone if we don't stop Islamic ideology from advancing and identify it for what it truly is. If we ignore these warnings, the future of America will not be so bright and ultimately, like Persia, will suffer a slow death. This is historical fact, not fiction. I have seen what Islam has done to the country of my birth.

Persians underestimated the power and dedication of the newly formed Islamic ideology of hate and violence by the desert-dwellers 1,400 years ago. Over 1,400 years of darkness is reaching its inevitable end. People on the mountaintops are clearly discerning the rays of the new sun that inevitably will chase away the gloom of Islam. I see Persia rising from the ashes, and Iranians by the tens of thousands have either left Islam or are on their way out. The remaining task is to expel the agents of Islamic terror in Iran: the Islamic Republic.