Why NDP leader Jagmeet Singh must resign — or be fired


Jagmeet Singh: Handsome. Young. Smart. Cool.

When he was running for the federal NDP leadership last fall, Singh looked like the ultimate anti-Trudeau missile.

But that was so long ago, wasn't it?

Last month, Trudeau went to India for eight days - and took every Liberal Indo-Canadian MP with him, plus some white MPs with large Indian populations in their ridings.

It was a direct response to Jagmeet Singh's election.

(This also explains the low point of the trip - why Sikh terrorist Jaspal Atwal was invited along...)

It was a battle for Sikh votes. And both men are siding with a tiny minority of Sikh separatists who believe in violence, who want to break away from India and form a Sikh country called Khalistan. Some of these extremists have already brought their violence to Canada.

Jagmeet Singh isn't a terrorist. But he supports them - as I'll show you tonight.

True, he put out a vague statement yesterday about advocating for peace and human rights, but not once did he denounce the Khalistan movement. It's not enough.

The NDP needs to "Patrick Brown" Jagmeet Singh.

We can't have a national leader who is sympathetic to terrorism.

Sikh people themselves must lead the charge here - and I know they are.

I'm 100% for a Sikh leader - or any other ethnicity as a leader. But not if he's cosy with terrorists.

After all, Justin Trudeau is too cosy with them already . . .