Why Boris Johnson keeps on winning


What unites Boris Johnson's voters is not so much their economic experience, as their values. They prioritise the nation and the national community. They prefer stability over change. And they favour continuity over disruption and discontinuity. This is why they cherish Britain's history, heritage and collective memory and are more sensitive to attempts to deconstruct them. And while they acknowledge that this history is complex, they believe that, on the whole, it was positive and that Britain has been a force for good in the world. In short, they believe in their country. They are proud of it. And they are proud of their fellow citizens.

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Comment from one of our readers:

"He makes people laugh; he is spirited, warm and engaging, captivating, funny, happily eccentric in a deeply British manner and very endearing. He pokes fun at The Big Silly Of The Day...whatever shape or form it takes... and is hopeful and persistently positive to the last. He is uplifting, deeply empathetic, encouraging and teasing and does not hold back to become highly emotional and tearful when distraught. He is hugely delighted to be as rude as can be and slicingly vicious to those he deems the enemy. He is a formidable and sly opponent and refuses to be bullied. He has a superb grasp of the English language and wears his clever clogs lightly. He does not shy away from being utterly devastated and heartbroken in the face of terrible loss. He has massive reach and appeal across Britain because he is British to the core, striking chords within the hearts of many. He has courage, charisma and vim and makes everyone want to lift their game and not sink into a quagmire of self-pitying mediocrity."