White Privilege Conference Global - Toronto


Today, a gang of reverse-racist academics at Ryerson University are holding a seminar where they will teach young Canadians that white people are a community of racists and bigots.

This is what goes on under Justin Trudeau's Canada. Trudeau's proclamation that we are a "post-modern" nation is a euphemism for a "post- Anglo/Franco/Christian" Canada, and Ryerson are doing their part to accelerate the process.

Unfortunately for Trudeau, Ryerson, Senator Ratna Omidvar and the rest of the haters, our communities are organizing socially and politically to fight their hatred of us.

Momentum continues to build...for example, with MAY 21st being PATRIOT'S DAY in Canada.

Rallies are being held in major cities across Canada and united as one we will publicly state our position in accordance with Canada's Charter of Rights And Freedoms.

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