When the woke come for conservatives of colour


Rima Azar is a Canadian. She has the right to speak her mind. To use the phrase beloved by so many, her "lived experience" makes her all the richer on this topic than the majority on the other side of the question. She has tasted some of the most bitter parts of life on this globe of ours. She knows real hurt, has seen pain and death. She came to Canada. She found a welcome. She found work in this "systemically racist" country at Mount Allison University. She now suffers attacks on her character and is suspended from her job because she expressed praise for the country that accepted her. Off with her head!

If Canada is a place where an immigrant professor is attacked and hurt, for saying the country she came to, to escape the hell of civil war, to say in public that this country is not "systemically racist," can be vilified and shamed, here's my question: What kind of country have we become?

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