What to Do and Why It Matters


My heart goes out to the men and women who have been awake for years if not decades. I cannot imagine the frustration and hopelessness you must have felt when you were literally watching the world burn with no one to talk to. We're here now and we are awake. Sorry we're late.

If those fifty words don't give you a bit of a jolt, check yourself for a pulse. The moment we stop believing that our actions can make a difference in this world is the moment we thank our enemies for having dug the six-foot hole up ahead. When we refuse to surrender and force our enemies to keep digging, then the only question that matters is this: who will get tired first?

When so much uncertainty surrounds us, feeling overwhelmed is natural. Being forced to constantly fight for your beliefs is unsettling. As contradictory as this will sound, to find some modicum of peace, you have to find a way to accept that we are now in a period of sustained conflict. You must prepare your mind to embrace this struggle as an opportunity for greater meaning. Live a life of example, and others will follow.

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