“We Shoot Racists”


I consider anybody who willingly wears a T-shirt that reads "WE SHOOT RACISTS" to be a threat to my safety. As a social conservative who does not share the enthusiasm of "official" Canada towards current immigration rates, who does not affirm the verity of the BLM movement's beliefs, who is very obviously light-skinned (you name it; I make a very bad hand in "politically correct poker") - I am one of those "racists" that the designers of that shirt print are in favour of not merely jailing, not just exiling, but shooting.

Join me in calling the CBSA hotline to inform them that Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and their associates may be exporting goods into Canada that may be in violation of the Criminal Code. The hotline is live Monday to Friday, and the number to call is 1-888-502-9060.

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