Vaxxocalypse Now


The unjabbed are denied access to places they should be rightfully free to use. In some places, such as Australia and Austria, interstate travel is proscribed, and they are mistreated and shamed for refusing vaccines cleared under dubious standards of emergency use approval (EUA). Their reasonable suspicion that Big Pharma is orchestrating a con game is scorned and derided. Any fear of vaccine despotism is ridiculed, and protests are ruthlessly put down, minimized, or ignored.

Mandating vaccination raises some significant questions. Doesn't a person have a choice in submitting to a treatment or a protection against a disease? Can a democratic government impose vaccination on those who are not convinced of its safety and efficacy? And the most important one: did we - and our founding fathers - choose to create a society where we have to reveal personal health information to go about our activities? Heaven knows where these vaccine edicts could lead, but Americans certainly don't want the equivalent of the Chinese Communist Party's social scoring system, which this is beginning to resemble.

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