Vancouver: A City of White Ghosts and Vanishing Memories


Immigration-enablers, white collaborators and Asian ethnic lobbies would argue that my outpouring is the expression of an old white man steeped in racism and privilege and possessed by a feeling of entitlement. A contemptible remnant of a dying demographic soon to exit the stage. They would argue that as a descendant of White settlers who 'stole' native land, I have no moral right to complain about displacement or "ethnic cleansing". As if two wrongs make a right.

They would say that "old stock" Canadians of British or French descent are just fragments of a "mosaic" that can be held together by the thin glue of civic nationalism. And they would add that any prescription of "ethnic nationalism" is inherently racist and "white supremacist", words that now seem to form part of every sentence that issues from their mouths. To them I have but one response: I don't care what you think.