UK: Seven Muslims found guilty of running rape gang, one girl was raped by “at least 100” Muslims before she was 16


The Muslim rape gangs went unreported, unprosecuted, and in general unstopped because of far-Left organizations including Hope Not Hate, Faith Matters, and Tell Mama, which waged relentless war against anyone and everyone who spoke out about these issues. They demonized as "Islamophobic," "hateful" and "bigoted" anyone who said that there were Muslim rape gangs at all, and that they had to be stopped.

Who is responsible for the mass gang-rape of British girls by Muslims? The British Left - in particular the "anti-hate" crusaders Nick Lowles and Matthew Collins of Hope Not Hate, Fiyaz Mughal of Faith Matters and Tell Mama, and their friends, supporters, and allies.

A comment on the story:

"The rape of our young girls on a massive scale by depraved Muslim gangs is the greatest scandal to have ever arisen in the UK made even worse by the cowardly indifference of politicians, social workers and police. That Tommy Robinson was arrested and imprisoned for pointing this out, as I could be, indicates that nothing is more important to the UK authorities than appeasing and pandering to Muslims. Young British girls (white, Sikh and Hindu victims of the rape gangs), their lives shattered, are of no account to the UK elite who regard Muslims as the primary victim group to be zealously protected.The day of reckoning will make Armageddon look like a Sunday picnic."