UK Parliament Holding Devious Biden In Contempt


The only way to bring a halt to the madness, mayhem and murder of innocents in Afghanistan, would be for American Republicans and Democrats to join together to IMPEACH Joe Biden and to put Biden's behind-the-scene mentor Barack Obama in his place as a private citizen with no authority in an America he is working so hard to bring down

It should be to the eternal shame of the U.S. Congress and its running dog media, that it isn't an American team coming to the rescue of an America in decline-but the United Kingdom's Parliament!

"Members of Parliament, including some who served alongside U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, accused Biden of "throwing us and everybody else to the fire" with his decision to withdraw. They also attacked Biden for his "shameful" criticism of the Afghan National Army and said it was "dishonourable" to blame Afghanistan's fighting force for the Taliban's takeover."

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