Trudeau's sham election is not what our war dead gave their lives for


Democracy is not, nor was it ever meant to be, a game, played by a few for the benefit of a few. Alas, it has become so. A game of who can catch out whom, which contrived "issue" might stir the most voters whose way, who can churn out the best "attack" ads, dig up the dirtiest "opposition research," right down to who can best misrepresent (lie would be the clearer word) their opponents. This style of politics, politics as tactics in place of substance, the tactics themselves petty and unworthy, is cheap and embarrassing.

I guarantee you that the general public, the ordinary Canadian (as that pillar of the whole enterprise of democracy is so witlessly and condescendingly always referred to), the man or woman who drives the trucks to your grocery stores, the immigrant women who tend to the children of the well-off, any of the huge mass of people spending their days earning a living, have long since turned off from the game. They are more tired than angry. Much more tired. This feeble excuse for an election has intensified their exhaustion over politics as usual, played out in the age of images and what we dubiously call social media.

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