Trudeau's Elections Law Blows the Door Wide Open for Foreign Influence in Canada's Next Election


At the Senate Legal committee, Senator Denise Batters questions Canada's Chief Electoral Officer about alarming provisions in the Trudeau Government's Elections Bill C-76 -- which will allow major foreign interference in the Canadian federal election next year. It is stunning that one section in this new Liberal law will actually allow a foreign government or other foreign entity to encourage Canadian electors to vote for or against a certain Canadian political party or candidate through the transmission of an official declaration (which could be a full paper newspaper ad distributed or a TV commercial broadcast in Canada). Also, (after pointed follow-up questions from Senator Linda Frum) Canada's Chief Electoral Officer confirms that this new Liberal law will allow this shocking scenario to occur, as Elections Canada does NOT consider this to be partisan activity! Here's the scenario: A multi-millionaire celebrity rock star who was born in Canada but who has lived in the U.S. for decades, who hates pipelines, decides to fund a free concert/anti-pipeline rally at Madison Square Garden, and potentially influence thousands of non-resident Canadians to vote in a certain way in Canada's federal election next year. The Trudeau government said this Bill C-76 would shut the door on foreign interference in Canada's next election. Yet, these massive loopholes leave the door wide open! (November 28, 2018)