Trudeau and Carney are only making this worse — everyone needs to calm down


Now we have several provinces either dropping or planning to drop mandatory COVID-containment measures entirely or easing back on them unilaterally, and Canada's public health czar Theresa Tam saying the Omicron variant is so ferociously infectious that all public health measures need to be re-examined, and the World Health Organization, whose dodgy counsel Trudeau has championed, is now decrying the uselessness of the cross-border type of travel restrictions both Trudeau and Joe Biden's equally science-following administration in Washington have imposed on the truckers. Which was what kicked off the protests to start with.

It's a mess, and we aren't going to get through it so long as we're calling each other Nazis or shouting about fake news. But we could make a start of it by calming the hell down.

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