This American mini-revolution is something to celebrate


Everything and everyone the left-wing press and power structure oppose, they oppose to advance the Cultural Marxist cause, and everything and everyone they support, they support to advance the Cultural Marxist cause. It's not about right and wrong, or justice and injustice, or putting an end to sexual assault, or anything of the sort. It is about advancing Cultural Marxism, nothing more, nothing less.

Since the baseless Kavanaugh accusations were never about anything except advancing leftism, and since the left's deplorable plot to derail Kavanaugh's nomination failed, it follows that Cultural Marxism was not advanced, which means that the left-wing power structure lost - indeed, was beaten back by our own forces. When you defy a power structure, you delegitimize and undermine its power, which means that the Cultural Marxist left's grip on the throat of America is slipping. If that is not something to celebrate, nothing is.