The Triumphant Trifecta: Tucker, Trump, DeSantis


MAGA and America First need warriors and leaders who are not afraid and who do not get cowed by the BLM and Antifa mobs. In this battle for the soul of America's future, in these foxholes of our culture wars, most Republicans want to be fighting with a real fighter, a true believer of the cause, who does not flinch. And that is Tucker, Trump, and DeSantis. That is why Tucker, Trump, and DeSantis are the leaders in 2022 and 2024.

Come to think of it, a Trump-DeSantis GOP ticket sure sounds strong and victorious. Add Tucker in the position of chief of staff or press secretary, and it sounds even better. Then put Ted Cruz in as attorney general, or put him on the Supreme Court. Next, add Rand Paul as either CDC director or secretary of defense, and then those Deep State elitists will lose their minds. Yeah...let's do that.

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