The sinister political utility of "Islamophobia."


The mania for rooting out "settler colonialism" has gotten to the point that antisemites can come and go as they please in Ottawa without anyone even noticing, and it's become official federal policy to lavish funds on the Canadian iteration of the theocratic-fascist Muslim Brotherhood.

These morbid disorders should be expected to arise when you deliberately and officially conflate the interests of ordinary Canadian Muslims with dodgy Islamic Muslim organizations, and when you conflate hysterical anti-Muslim bigotry with principled, liberal opposition to religious extremism and the long reach into Canada from Muslim-majority torture states that persist in trying to push the United Nations to outlaw "Islamophobia."

Just one thing it means is that anyone who objects to this tawdry state of affairs will be ritually shamed as an Islamophobe. Which is pretty much the utility of convenience in Ottawa's Islamophobia preoccupations.

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