The Ruse of Spontaneous Rage


The violence in our streets - the theft, physical harm, and the wanton destruction - are not new to civilization. The riots and criminality did not arise spontaneously because of sympathy, morality or righteousness. The "players," are being played, manipulated with their own smaller grievances and a sense of anonymity, for a far greater purpose.

Leftist-progressives are not only primarily responsible for stoking these recent fires of chaos, they have long been undermining the family unit, denying children friendship and camaraderie, replacing class communication with computer time, studying multiculturalism and "inclusion" that purposely result in divisiveness and activism, replacing past studies with socialist concepts. Children are marginalized and victimized by cultural stereotypes, racial and religious prejudices, male-toxicity shaming, white supremacist guilt, low-salaried unskilled workers and underpaid females, financial jealousies, LGBTQ issues, rioting against Americanism and President Trump, gun confiscation, abortion, and what has finally come to light - shaming, and sexualizing beginning with the very young, resulting in myriad mental health disorders. 

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