The Rise and Fall of a Dictator


The truckers and protestors have brought more goodwill, laughter, kindness and joy to the City of Ottawa than it has experienced in decades. But the Mayor and City Council are Team Trudeau and they are also using drastic language to create any excuse to arrest or persecute the protestors to shut this legal gathering down.

The Mayor and Council met on Feb 6th and discussed using Section 63 of the Criminal Code to declare it a riot so they could start arresting people. They discussed Section 21, aiding and abetting, to shut down the delivery of fuel. They even discussed trying to find grounds to call in the military. The Mayor declared a State of Emergency and eventually rallied law enforcement to target the fuel supply.

You may wish to contact Mayor Watson and let him know how you feel about this.

Phone: (613) 580-2496 Email:

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