The Revolution Is Now Underway – But Not By Who You Think!


Cultural Marxism and climate change and Progressive Apartheid and their ilk are now ascending from laying the groundwork via preparatory deconstruction, into the springboards for the execution of revolution.

Both during the run-up to this "global governance," and to help maintain power once in place - the world's population best remains divided. This renders it easier to manipulate and control. So, a combination of Progressive Apartheid (convincing folks that "your plight is caused by 'systemic racism'"), and "climate change" (convincing folks of an existential requirement for "sustainability") will be the propagandists' primary vehicles of mass deception and control.

President Trump is our American fortress under siege, our electoral Fort McHenry. The stakes in this election - for our country, and for peoples everywhere - are existential. By the dawn's early light of November 4th will our star-spangled banner yet wave? "Choose your side now. Pray now. And when the time comes, be a counter-revolutionary. Vote against candidates of globalist tyranny - that is any and all candidates from the Democrat Party. Vote for the candidate of righteousness, patriotism, and liberty." - Donald J. Trump.