The New Banana Republic


Nothing like this has happened in US history. Despite doing the things he promised, like turning the US economy around, bringing manufacturing back to the States (Obama said it couldn't be done), bringing a semblance of peace to the world (have you noticed that under his watch there was no 9/11 like disasters?), moved the US embassy to its long term and most reliable ally in the world, Israel, more real jobs to every segment of the US population including Blacks, Hispanics, women and other minorities, the steady stream of libelous attacks on him continue. Despite people saying that he'll bring us into WWIII with the Russians, North Koreans, China and Iran he has done the opposite. He rebuilt the military which Obama emasculated. Peace through power is the Reagan policy he followed and it worked. There are far too many fantastic things that President Trump has managed to accomplish in less than 4 short years.

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