The memory-holed massacre


7 October 2023 ought to be a date that will live in infamy. One month ago today, Hamas terrorists smashed through the Israeli border, killing, torturing and kidnapping innocent civilians in their path. Simply repeating the number of those murdered – now believed to be 1,400 – cannot do justice to the savagery and wickedness of this attack. Hamas butchers mowed down teenagers at a music festival. They paraded young women naked through the streets. They raped others next to their friends' dead bodies. They slaughtered a grandmother in her home and uploaded a film of her murder to social media so her family could see it. They sliced open a woman's womb and then stabbed her unborn baby. Some children were burned. Others were decapitated. The terrorists' glee was visible in the depraved footage they willingly broadcast to the world.

We must not let Hamas's evil be forgotten, obfuscated or downplayed. The forces of irrationalism and racism that drove this pogrom are arguably even more potent today than they were just one month ago. If we memory-hole this massacre, then we are in serious danger of greenlighting the next one. Those who have excused or denied this evil ought to be ashamed.

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Photo by Getty