The Great Replacement: Indianapolis


Indianapolis is known as the "Crossroads of America." It hosts the world's largest one-day sporting event, the Indy 500. It was one of the great capitals of the Midwest, and as "Railroad City," it was a hub that joined the continent. Its magnificent "Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument" is a neoclassical tribute to the common men who fought to turn America into a superpower. It exemplified what America once was.

Today, Indianapolis represents what America is: a declining city with a shrinking white majority, collapsing culture, and rising racial tensions. In 1910, Indianapolis was 91 percent white. It retained its white supermajority until about 1990, when about a quarter of its residents were non-white. Whites dropped below 70 percent by 2000, and crime rose dramatically. Today, the white population has dipped to just 55 percent. And Indianapolis has been the backdrop for horrific crimes.

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