The Free Speech Fight Goes to Court


Dear Free Speech Patriot,

Your efforts to preserve free speech are having a great impact on a battle that continues to rage across Canada and beyond. Those who seek to curtail this and other fundamental right(s) have been so surprised by your unforeseen opposition that they now find it necessary to take the fight into the courts. In doing so, they hope to further intimidate and "chill" free speech patriots like you from continuing the fight.

Islamophobia Abroad Leads to Free Speech "Chill" - then Jail

In the United Kingdom, free speech "deniers" have taken Tommy Robinson to task by tossing him into jail for 13 months after a five-hour period that saw his arrest, conviction and incarceration. His crime? He had the audacity to report on the infamous Rotherham gang suspects charged with the grooming and raping of hundreds of white teenage girls over a period of two decades. How did such barbaric crimes proceed for so long with no action taken? Easy and as you have suspected all along, the fear of being called racist and Islamophobic froze the police and political elites in their tracks. They knew but did nothing!

In Canada, Elites Fight "Phobias" by Attacking Fundamental Rights

In Canada, the Supreme Court recently and unceremoniously nixed the fundamental freedoms of religion and conscience when it "balanced" them away to accommodate LGBT equality rights. They did this by ruling with the Ontario and B.C. Law Societies against Trinity Western University. In doing so the Court quashed the accreditation of the university's law program. It seems the university's requirement for its legal students to sign a covenant that restricted sexual activity to heterosexual couples in a committed marriage went beyond the pale. End result - no accreditation for law school grads that choose to live their religious beliefs in their academic environment. And we thought "fundamental" rights, rights like freedom of religion, conscience and expression, had some sort of priority in the overall scheme of our Charter.

The Unexpected Happens - You Fight Back in Court!

It appears, though, that these bully tactics are not working. Indeed, they seem to be hardening the resolve of folks like you. So much so that a number of your compatriots have actually decided to retaliate with court proceedings of their own. What's good for the goose? Lindsay Shepherd and Jordan Peterson, for example,are taking Wilfred Laurier University to court on abuse of free speech and defamation charges respectively. Closer to your heart, however, and the heart of Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms (C3RF) is the case being progressed by Madeline Weld and Valerie Price (nee Thomas) - both founding members of C3RF.

C3RF Founders Take the Ottawa Public Library to Court

Madeline and Valerie are taking the Ottawa Public Library to task for infringing on the public's fundamental right to view "expressive material". The material in this case was a worldwide premiere presentation of the documentary "Killing Europe". I have summarized their case in a video that can be viewed on YouTubeand draw your attention to its closing call to support this cause. It is extremely important to do so as it is court cases like these that can turn the tide and set the "deniers" on their derrieres.

You've Taken It This Far - It is Time to Dig In!

Your financial support of this court-based initiative through C3RF will permit the development of a legal defense fund that can be used to defray costs associated with this and other cases. Madeline and Valerie are being ably assisted by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) but they will be fully on the hook for 10's of thousands of dollars in the event they lose and need to pay "costs". Madeline and Valerie are really putting it on the line to secure our free speech rights and push back those forces that would take them from us. Please help us help them or, in the event they win, others who follow in their footsteps. A donation of any amount will be put to good use in the legal fight for free speech.

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