The facts abound — we've got a border crisis


There is a crisis on Canada's southern border. And while the Liberal government insists that everything is under control, any casual observer can see that our laws are not being enforced, our generosity is being taken advantage of, and our border is open to anyone who wants to walk in.

Consider the following facts.

  • More than 50,000 people came to Canada last year to submit refugee applications. This is the largest number of asylum claims in modern Canadian history.
  • The plurality of asylum seekers illegally walked across the border at one location - Roxham Rd. in rural Quebec.
  • Investigations have shown a co-ordinated human smuggling ring is aiding this steady flow of migrants into Canada.
  • The number of border-hoppers at Roxham Rd. has tripled since last year.
  • Migrants cross illegally to bypass the Safe Third Country Agreement - a treaty that prevents Canada from accepting asylum seekers coming from the U.S. It's a loophole, and one that is being manipulated by human traffickers.
  • Illegal border crossing falls under the jurisdiction of the RCMP, but as reported in the Sun, CBSA is also mysteriously stationed at Roxham Rd.
  • CBSA officials are being muzzled by the Trudeau government, and have been told not to talk to the media about the surge in illegal migration.
  • Each asylum seeker is entitled to a trial to determine if they are truly a refugee. In 2013, the acceptance rate for asylum claims was 44%.
  • The Trudeau government made changes to the refugee determination process, including skipping important steps like interviews. As a result, the acceptance rate jumped to 70% - the highest in three decades. This means, under Trudeau, Canada now accepts as genuine refugees, people who would have been considered illegal migrants under every previous Liberal and Conservative government.
  • Asylum seekers get access to housing, social welfare, education, health care and the Interim Federal Health Program, which gives them access to dental and pharmaceutical care above and beyond what Canadian taxpayers receive.
  • Each asylum seeker collects somewhere between $15,000 and $20,000 in handouts per year from Canadian taxpayers.
  • Quebec has begun ringing the alarm bell and demanding more help from the Trudeau government. In response, Trudeau agreed to begin transferring migrants to Toronto rather than Montreal.
  • Before the feds made this pledge, Toronto Mayor John Tory made an urgent request for help with the housing of asylum seekers. The number of migrants in Toronto's homeless shelters has jumped by 500% in the past two years.
  • Illegal immigration will cost Canadian taxpayers hundreds of millions each year. Quebec alone is demanding the feds pay $146 million, while the City of Toronto is facing another $64.5 million.
  • There are now more asylum seekers who crossed illegally into Canada under Trudeau than the number Syrian refugees accepted in 2016.

On Roxham Rd., our laws are not being enforced. They're being trampled on. Migrants are purposely circumventing Canadian border laws and an international treaty. They're crossing illegally, and our officials are being told to stand down.

As a result, more and more self-selected migrants - people who have not been screened or vetted by our intelligence services - show up by the bus load every single day.

The Trudeau government refuses to admit there is a problem; Trudeau himself tried to blame it all on Stephen Harper, while independent Liberal Sen. Ratna Omidvar blamed the problem on "xenophobic" Canadians.

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