The Canadian Nationalist Party has filed a civil lawsuit against the City Of Saskatoon


The recent 43rd Federal Election has fundamentally demonstrated that our right to self-determination, as Canadian Nationalists, is being suppressed by the current administration. Under these circumstances, our ability to assemble publicly and speak our policies to Canadian voters has, and continues to be, denied to us.

The right to self-determination represents the ability for a people to form their own state and choose their own government. Under the current conditions bestowed upon us, this is essentially impossible, as our ability to assemble publicly and communicate our policies as a federal party has been prohibited to us before and during general elections. Therefore, we will not acknowledge the authority of the Federal/Provincial/Municipal Governments involved given that they have violated these constitutional rights as well as suppressed our self-determination as a unique nationality.

Since we began our campaign in 2017, our candidates have been physically attacked, have faced a concerted attempt to sabotage our efforts to attain federal registration as a political party, a systemic effort to censor our ability to communicate policies to the voting public, and a coordinated effort to tarnish our reputation from a number of media outlets.

Our supporters have been called into the offices of their workplace and school, questioned on why they support our movement, and in some cases, have been dismissed from employment.

We have been falsely accused of violating hate speech legislation and trademark infringement.

Public institutions such as City Halls, University Campuses, Public Libraries, and Convention Centers which operate from our tax dollars have been prohibited to us (since 2017) for reasons never justified.

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