Teenage Boy from NM Compound: We Were Being Trained for Jihad


The 13-year-old son of the leader of the Islamist cult in New Mexico told FBI agents he was being trained for jihad against non-believers. The boy, one of 11 children found starving at the filthy compound, is the son of Jany Leveille, an illegal immigrant from Haiti and the leader of the cult. Also at the compound was Leveille's husband (or boyfriend, as her son referred to him), Siraj Wahhaj, Jr., son of radical imam Siraj Wahhaj, Sr. based in New York. Two of the other adult defendants in the case are Wahhaj, Sr.'s children as well.

On Friday, August 31, the FBI rearrested all five adults involved with the cult after they had been let off on a legal technicality two days earlier.