Swedish Doctor Pleads For Help – Gov’t Denies Elderly Coronavirus Patients Life Saving Oxygen

Swedish Doctor Jon Tallinger appeals for "outside help" in the following RAIR Foundation USA exclusive interview. Dr. Tallinger reveals that a local government directive was sent to physicians instructing them not to refer elderly patients with the coronavirus to the hospital for intensive care or potential life-saving oxygen. Instead, Dr. Tallinger explains, physicians have been instructed to administer morphine which further complicates the absorption of oxygen and will make the patient "go to sleep forever."

Doctor Tallinger, who has been practicing medicine for over ten years and is currently serving as a "general practitioner specialist," confirmed that if elderly patients visit outpatient clinics, physicians are not to forward them to hospitals for intensive care but instead have been instructed to "include patients in palliative care and to give them morphine." Palliative care is not a treatment of an illness, but rather a measure to provide relief to a patient.

The government advice of "morphine," particularly for a patient who is experiencing shortness of breath would surely result in the death of the patient or cause a patient to "fall asleep," as euphemistically explained by Dr. Tallinger

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