Should Justin Trudeau Advisor Gerald Butts Be Run Out Of Canada On A Rail?


As many will recall, Canada is a nation which came together based upon the completion of the Trans-Canada CN railway. After Canadians became connected via a coast-to-coast railway, our nation took on a cohesiveness previously lacking within our youthful nation.

Now, fast-forward to 2019. Current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claims he has an interest in unity among Canadians. CAP label this a stone-cold lie. In fact, our various ethnic and religious communities have never been as fragmented as they are at present. Seems every day we are reading not only about private citizens accused of racist acts- under PM Trudeau, it seems politicians too are accused of some variation of racism or bigotry on a daily basis.

To what does one attribute this state-of-affairs. If a Canadian believes what CAP espouse, one of the main factors-perhaps the number one factor, is found in Liberal Government Advisor, Gerald Butts.

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