Should everyone be permitted into the West?


This is a crucial question and one that tends to make many uncomfortable, but it is legitimate: should everyone from outside the Western world be permitted entry to the West as an immigrant? Is there no point where such nations may be allowed to say no to any particular group, regardless of where they come from?

With the advent of loosened immigration policies throughout the Western world over the last half-century and the growing push for multiculturalism within them, the mantra "diversity is our strength" has ushered in a mentality that effectively says all people, from all over the world, have an inherent right of entry to Western lands.

Yet here's the question: why? Why must this be the case? Why should we just assume that it must be so? Who says, and what is the endgame? But, we are not to ask questions. We are only to accept...or else. This should give us pause as to what is really happening here. 

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