Rex Murphy: Claiming the Trucker Protest Was an Attempted Government Coup Is Beyond Ridiculous


Is there a single Canadian citizen, of the age and use of reason, Liberal, Tory, or otherwise, who really thinks that at any moment the long-haul truckers from West and East had the wish, the thought, the means, or even a dream of overthrowing the Canadian government? That they were, in the words of this same overwrought security adviser, planning a coup of the Canadian government?

For if they were, what an odd coup d'état. For three whole weeks they slowly drove across the country. They brought no munitions. They stopped frequently. They were on television every day in some town or city. Once in Ottawa they didn't move on the TV and press headquarters. They held social nights. Numerous accounts tell of their hospitality. They had more Canadian flags on display than any other time but Canada Day. I presume they intended to overthrow the government and keep the flag.

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